Kermanshahi Chickpeas

We have a complex that has one of the most fertile agricultural lands for growing chickpeas. Also in our collection there are some of the most experienced agricultural engineers and the most up- to- date agricultural equipment along with experienced managers in planting, holding, haves and exporting agricultural products.
The collection of this complex leads to the production of valuable products that, in addition to meeting domestic needs, have the best and most quality products for export.
Technical specification of the product
Chickpeas are one of the oldest and most important food sources that humans have used, chickpeas is an annual plant that belongs to the category of legumes.

There different types of chickpeas, including:

The difference between these products is in the following:

Consumable toxins
Before planting, the chickpea crop is all threshed and disinfected, and a complete product is prepared and then planted using complementary and fortifying drugs. We prevent the emergence of weeds by using advanced machines when growing chickpeas with precise spacing in planting. This prevents us from using weed killers.
Pest control
In some yours, a type of disease called Agrotis causes damage to chickpea fields. We don’t use industrial pesticides by doing autumn planning and early planting and we eliminate it by using this method.
As a result, the use of pesticides is minimal.
Cultivation of land for chickpeas every year causes disense and pests, as well as poor quality in terms of quality and size to solve this problem, using many years of experience and up to- date knowledge, we have decided to cultivate in intermittently. This means that the land where we planted chickpeas this year should not be chickpeas next year and another crop such as wheat should be planted. This action minimizes disease and pests, so we do not use pesticides and disease and offer natural and healthy products to the market.

Product benefits

One cup to peas contains the following amounts
– 268 Energy calories
– 5gr Fiber
– 5gr protein
– 2gr fat
-84% Folic acid
– 29% Copper
– 28% Phosphors
– 26% Iron
– 17% Za

Chickpeas have properties that have surprised researchers.
1. Manganese: Healthy skin and hair and reduce skin wrinkles and prevent the invasion of free radicals.
2. Carbohydrate: Carbohydrates in chickpeas, unlike other carbohydrates, don’t cause high blood sugar and are not contraindicated for diabetic and are useful.
3. Chickpeas are rich in vitamins A, B and E, which in addition to vitamins contain omega 6 fatty acids that increase hair growth.
4. Chickpeas with dyslipidemia prevent the accumulation of cholesterol in the body and by redacting the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) can help eliminate cardiovascular problems.
5. Chickpeas contain calcium, iron and phosphate, which are essential for bone growth and strength.
6. Chickpeas contain the amino acids tryptophan and serotonin, which are essential for a good night’s sleep.
7. Chickpeas contain large amount of folate, which is essential for the health of the pregnant mother and the proper development of fetal brain.
8. The fiber in chickpeas helps weight loss and weight balance in athletes.
9. Folic acid and iron in chickpeas play and important role in the treatment of anemia.
Abstract In these few lines, we briefly explained the properties and methods and cultivation of chickpeas, but it should be noted that our professional team with several years of brilliant experience in export, the ability to deliver the best products and the best quality in terms of nutritional value and we also product the most natural products and we are ready to provide any advice and services for buying and sending agriculture products and we hope that in the future, with the help of medical expert we can succeed in this miracle of nature in treating and making sushil medicines.



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